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Center for Social Innovation, Ltd.

EU Funded Projects

  • 180 Projects (Current)
  • 8 Different Funds
  • > 2500 Global Partners
  • > 50 Countries
  • > 10M People Outreach

Commercial Business

  • Tenders
  • Consulting/Advisory
  • Training
  • Europe, NA, Asia

Start Up Fund

  • 4 Investments/3 Countries

CSI Academy

  • Internal & External Training
  • Career & Personal Development
  • Business Development
  • Project Management
  • Financial Management
  • 50 Courses
  • Online & F2F
  • Certified by the University of Perseus

Diversity Charter Cyprus

  • Owners of the DCC which is part of EU Initiative
  • Membership Based
  • Provide Training, Raise Awareness, Certification (ISO Like) on Diversity
  • Seal of Membership
  • Building a Network
  • > 80 Members

Quality of Life Index

  • Annual Research Ranking on QoL based on citizen’s perspective
  • Based on 14 Indices
  • Raise Awareness
  • Advisory Board
  • 14 Working Teams
  • Evidence Based Policy Development
  • Active Interaction with Policy Makers, Executive Brunch, Stakeholders

Improving Quality of Life

Business Forensic Intervention

We immerse our resources into the identification and understanding of systemic problems that cause misalignment and inefficiencies within an organization. The result is the development of a business and operational roadmap that is knowledge based that our clients can leverage to reform and restructure their organizations to bring about changes that will improve operational efficiencies, financial ratios, customer satisfaction, and overall performance.

Youth Development & Motivation

To fundamentally address a systemic problem one must positively impact the culture. We believe that an effort to change the culture of an organization or a society needs to begin at the grassroots. We also believe that youth plays a significant role during such a change process. Trough lectures, seminars and motivational events we infuse motivation, empathy, and confidence within the hearts, souls and minds of young people expecting that as they grow they will curry these attributes through to their social and professional worlds.


Education Rationalization & Alignment with Industry Needs

In the past random education was significant because there weren’t that many educated people and the ones who were lucky enough to attain higher education could fill the void in society. General education cannot hold a unique significance any longer. Today, education is important and it can significantly contribute to society or an organization if it has a specialized underline. We work closely with the industry and other stakeholders to identify the specific needs that businesses have today and we develop and provide training that meets those specific needs .


Entrepreneurship Skills Development

We believe that Entrepreneurship and taking leadership in developing new startup businesses is important. It helps create jobs, increase the per capita income within a community and it also provide solutions to systemic problems while creating tremendous value. It is a fact that only 20% of the population possess the skills, the passion and the acumen necessary to succeed in developing startup businesses. However, we believe that Entrepreneurial Skills can be developed, understood and embraced by anyone interested to learn about innovation, critical thinking, healthy curiosity, creativity and more. We develop innovative methodologies to teach those skills to individuals or groups through specific projects. Understanding and mastering Entrepreneurial Skills can benefit everyone.

Social Problem Improvements through Social Innovation

There are both chronic and temporary systemic problems that need to be resolved. We identify those systemic problems at the local, regional, national and global level, we develop sustainable and innovative solutions and we disseminate those solutions through stakeholder groups such as schools, organized groups, or communities. We encourage all stakeholders to embrace and empower others to implement those solutions. We believe that through empowerment and encouragement we can make a difference and make the world a better place for everyone.

Unemployment Reduction through Targeted Education

Unemployment rates have been rising in the whole of Europe. Unemployment is worst in Southern Europe and among youth. In some countries, almost 50% of people under the age of 30 are unemployed. This puts pressure on the whole economic system because it requires budget to support the unemployed, it allows for productive resources to remain stagnant as opposed to creating value, it increases medical conditions such as depression among the youth, it takes a whole generation out of the productivity and social flow and it widens the generation gap. We develop various projects and provide targeted education focusing on specific demographics to address this specific issue and make a contribution towards a lower unemployment rate.


Seed Financing Services & Startup Facilitation

Our organization has tremendous experience in Startup Development. All stages of development including Idea Development (Ideation), Creativity Process, Company Registration, Company Structures, Operational Setup, Strategic Development, Networking, Staff Recruiting, Branding, Equity Development and Financing, Prototyping and Going to Market are within reach of our capacity and capabilities. We support individuals and organizations interested to take an idea into the market.


Life Sciences Research/ Clinical Trial Management

Developing a pharmaceutical drug is tremendously expensive, time consuming, and risky. The process is long and expensive. Clinical Trials are the costliest component of the Drug Development Process. We have the knowledge and experience to Design, Develop and Execute Clinical Trials to be implemented in the Cyprus market lower cost and high quality Clinical Trials that meet all International Standards. We can manage the process including Bioethics approval, Daily Management of Reports, Patient Records, Compliance, and Dossier Development. All done in complete transparency and compliance with International requirements.


Intellectual Property Preparation, Protection and Registration

It can be potentially costly to invent and not protect. Very few organizations in Cyprus have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to secure Intellectual Property Rights. The process begins well before an actual invention is identified or and invention is written and ready to be claimed. We have the knowledge, expertise and experience to support individuals and organizations to protect their Intellectual Property Assets from day one.


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