Villages on Move projects are activating people to give ideas to promote everyday physical activity. Collected ideas are developed utilizing a culture of experimentation. In the new Villages on Move Network project, we collect stories of the “fire souls” in rural villages promoting an active lifestyle. Our goal is to activate inhabitants in rural areas to have more movement and more joy of sports.

Villages on Move Go (VOMGO) is focused on one of the main objectives of EU sport policy: promote awareness and activity in HEPA, health-enhancing physical activity. We support and enhance voluntary activities in sport, together with social inclusion and equal opportunities of the rural citizen, immigrants and refugees for sports for all.

The European Commission (2010) underlines the importance of making sport available to all citizens as a recreational activity or through clubs and associations. The challenge is to contribute to a healthier and more productive society through increased levels of health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA) in the EU. ‘Villages on Move Go’ will tackle this challenge and bring up tools and inspiration for small scale physical activity promoters found in participating countries especially in the rural, remote and isolated areas in Europe to ensure the quality and sustainability of their future HEPA promoting activities for different target groups.

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