CSI Online is the Education arm of The Center for Social Innovation, Ltd. Our purpose is to develop useful educational solutions that address the current pressing lifelong learning educational needs of our local and global community. Our objective is to leverage our empirical research results to identify both current educational needs as well as to identify long term trends and to use our in-house expertise as well as external experts to develop state of the art, relevant and practical courses that meet those demands. We are creating value and improving the quality of life in the communities we serve and beyond, one course at a time.  Over the long term, we will work hard to gain your trust.

Our initial set of courses will be in the areas of:

We will grow our course inventory as we identify specific needs that will meet our objectives and the needs of our prospective audience.

Open Society Course

Course title: Career Development Roadmap

The purpose of this course is to train individuals on how to navigate through a Career Development roadmap, how to Develop Soft Skills and how to understand and adapt to the local community.  Some of the concepts that will be addressed in this course are:

Social Skills :

Social Participation:


During this course, the audience will be able to augment and grow their existing knowledge and understanding to strengthen their employment opportunities through new knowledge and skills development. 

Module 1: Career Development

Module 2: Bridging Your Career – Business Canvas Model

Module 3: General Principles of Planning and Implementing a Startup Business

Module 4:

Module 5:

Module 6:

Module 7:

Module 8:

Module 9:

Ayios Athanasios Course

Course title: From the Mind to The Market

The purpose of this course is to train individuals on the methodology of identifying a business idea and bringing that idea to the market. Some of the concepts that will be addressed in this course are:

During this course, the audience will build a brand new business idea from ground up.  They will roll their sleeves and get to work with the direction of the instructor.  At the completion of the course, each participant will have a workable idea that they can implement and turn into a real business opportunity.   

Module 1: Developing Entrepreneurial Skills & Business Planning

Module 2: Learn How to Learn Anything Fast

Module 3: Setting up a Business – The Tactical Issues

Module 4:


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