Know Your Rights (KYR) aims at training migrant workers to improve their knowledge on their rights in the workforce, both within specific countries and according to EU employment laws. The KYR project focuses on developing approaches to reach out to migrant workers using online tools and peer mentoring, presenting information in 3-5 languages in each country in cooperation with trained peers. The overall objective is to create processes and good practices that can then be developed further to reach new migrant groups. The KYR consortium comprises 7 partners from 5 countries in Europe. Each partner has experience and knowledge in supporting migrants through trainings and initiatives related to the social and cultural inclusion of migrants. The leading partner Einurð in Iceland has substantial experience in community development, peer support, mentoring and adult education. Finally, Amal, the managing director and owner of Jafnréttishús (Equality centre) in Iceland, has been a leading activist concerning migrant issues and support to migrants and refugees, having experienced being migrant worker herself.

  • Training to improve the knowledge of migrants of their rights in the workplace and in the workforce.
  • Provide a pathway to increase migrant workers skills and understanding of employment/labour laws and support in partner countries/regions by providing easy to access videos and support/reference material in their own language on the KYR portal.
  • Bilingual peers will be trained to become mentors, hosts and presenters in the KYR videos. This approach will create an effective outreach to the selected target groups and enhance available support provided by labour unions, municipalities, Employment offices and other relevant stakeholder.
  • Einurd (Iceland)
  • Asociación Caminos (Spain)
  • Center for Social Innovation – CSI (Cyprus)
  • Jafnréttishús (Iceland)
  • Acción Laboral (Spain)
  • Socialiniu Inovaciju Fondas – SIF(Lithuania)
  • Verein Multikulturell (Austria)

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