Discrimination in the workplace is still widespread in Greece and Cyprus and while diversity management is common practice in several enterprises in central European countries, it is a ‘new’ issue for Greece and Cyprus. The project builds on a realistic identification of needs and a synergistic effort of all key stakeholders to bring Diversity Charters in Greece and Cyprus closer to the business sector.

The objective of the proposed project is to operationalise, support and promote diversity management in the business environment in Greece and Cyprus in the following ways:

  1. a) by producing a practical toolkit for diversity management;
  2. b) by enhancing the knowledge and skills of managers, HR staff and employees for diversity management through tailored training and transnational exchange,
  3. c) by piloting the Diversity Management toolkit in a small sample of enterprises to test its relevance and applicability and
  4. d) by promoting the further endorsement of the Diversity Charter by Greek and Cypriot companies through conferences, publications, newsletters, a website and the social media.


WP1: Project management & coordination,

WP2: Development of diversity management toolkit for private companies,

WP3: Capacity Building activities to HR staff and Management Teams,

WP4: Piloting Diversity Management Toolkit in the private sector,

WP5: Diversity Charter Campaign and project’s outreach activities.


Some more specific results of the project:

Enhanced understanding of business practices in SME’s and their implications for diversity;

An operational tool to support companies in the application of the Diversity Charters;

Companies involved in the project aware of the benefits of diversity management (more than 300 companies in Greece and Cyprus);

Enhanced knowledge and capacity of HR and management staff (135 HR staff from trainings, 15 HR trainers from train the trainers and 25 from the pilot trainings) in diversity management practices;

Increased awareness and endorsements of the Diversity Charter by companies


  • CSI (Cyprus)
  • IVEPE- SEV (Greece)
  • KEAN (Cyprus)

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