The project ‘Network for the Return of Third Country Nationals – ReNet’ (CY/2018/AMIF/SO3.ΝΟ3.1.1) is co-funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) of the European Commission and the Republic of Cyprus. It started in December 2019 and was completed in December 2020. The aim of the project is to strengthen the cooperation between relevant stakeholders on the local and European level, with international organisations or – where feasible – with Third Countries, to raise awareness and improve the administrative capacity regarding the return of TCNs to their country of origin. The Network will attempt to bring together different organizations and / or individuals from public organizations, NGOs, and other civil society organizations, local authorities, policy-makers, and practitioners who work or would like to work in this field.

  • Develop a multi-faceted network of cooperation between different countries on return issues.
  • Maximize the constructive impact of the network on agencies and services (Ministry of Health, Social Welfare Services, Local Authorities, Ministry of Justice, Third Country Embassies) directly or indirectly linked to forced and voluntary returns of TCNs to their country of origin.
  • Capture, gather, and exchange knowledge, training, skills, and practices among network members, coming from a wide range of different areas of experience and expertise.
  • Empower network members so as to be able to effectively address common problems and promote relevant proposals and solutions.
  • Create “contact points” between stakeholders and individuals, who otherwise would have been unable to meet and collaborate, focusing on civil society cooperation, academic institutions, and public services.
  • Maximize information and dissemination of the work of the network members, both within the network and other interested organisations outside the network.
  • Center for Social Innovation CSI – Cyprus (coordinating organization)
  • CARDET – Cyprus
  • University of Nicosia – Cyprus
  • Innovade – Cyprus

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