DIMAIN – Strategic Thinking on Diversity Management and Inclusion at the Workplace

Date of event: 13/09/2019

DIMAIN multiplier event presented the Diversity & Inclusion training program and developed the network of potential participants of the implementation phase. Moreover, it familiarized key stakeholders with the progress of DIMAIN and fostered the circle of influence and elicit support for project objectives, as potential promoters and multipliers. The DIMAIN multiplier event aimed to encourage usage of project results in daily practice and to promote DIMAIN On-line Collaborative Platform.

Taking Best out of Diversity

Date of event: 19/09/2019

DIMAIN final international conference focused on attracting key note speakers from all partner countries who represent practice and policy in diversity management and inclusion. It was attended by more than 100 delegates from the sectors concerned. At this event all products, tools and resources were officially launched. The overall aim of the event was to promote the DIMAIN to key stakeholders and lay the foundations for its further sustainability and spread in the after-life of the project. The conference served as a medium to extensively disseminate to potential multipliers the final products of the project. All partners had the opportunity to present themes related to DIMAIN with particular focus on its potential for adaptation and further exploitation by key stakeholders.

Video: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=840347099736386